"The business models of some of the most powerful forces in society are increasingly dependent on our complicity in making our conversations, our creations, and our communities public whenever they can exploit them. Given that reality, understanding exactly what “public” means is the only way to protect the public’s interest."
"What we don’t have, Morton argues, are ways of thinking about very large finitude – the terrifying yet mundane fact that a plastic bag will last for roughly twenty-thousand years, or that radioactive materials buried under Yucca Mountain in Nevada will still be there “21.4 thousand years from now,” when the mountain itself may not. In this view, ecological awareness is a coming to terms with our existence in multiple temporal scales."
"I sort of love that Star Trek forces us to think about a society that has no money but still operates with individual freedom and without central planning. I love that democracy is still in place. I love that people can still buy and sell things. It’s real. It’s a more realistic vision of post-capitalism than I have seen anywhere else. Scarcity still exists to some extent, but society produces more than enough to satisfy everyone’s basic needs. The frustrating thing is that we pretty much do that now, we just don’t allocate properly. And allocating properly cannot be done via central planning."
"Did the fact that Union troops were near jittery from coffee, while rebels survived on impotent brown water, have an impact on the outcome of the conflict? Union soldiers certainly thought so. Though they rarely used the word “caffeine,” in their letters and diaries they raved about that “wonderful stimulant in a cup of coffee,” considering it a “nerve tonic.” One depressed soldier wrote home that he was surprised that he was still living, and reasoned: “what keeps me alive must be the coffee.”"
"Citizenship is the right to have rights, and our attitude to citizenship, as states and individuals, defines and produces our attitude to other human beings. As we accelerate into the 21st century and the third millennium, citizenship, or the lack thereof, is going to be one of the defining issues."

All signed up and excited for the Finger Lakes Triathlon.

Find your weaknesses and address them.

"Gender identity is an important thing for tweens and teens to think about. When you can show tweens and teens that you care and respect their beliefs, they believe in you more. The small things mean a lot. Over time, they add up and lead to real change. Here’s hoping this change will be positive for at least one person in the community."
Gender & Summer Reading Sign Up — Justin the Librarian 

The zombie sub-genre is one of my least favorites because I think it’s incredibly hard to do well. But I like the way that survival in Steadfast Stanley is predicated on the bond between a boy and his dog and that the zombies are incidental. 

Wayfinding along the Ontario Pathway this morning. 

  1. Camera: iPhone 5
  2. Aperture: f/2.4
  3. Exposure: 1/861th
  4. Focal Length: 4mm

Coffee by the lake to start the week off right…